Donate to COVID-19 and Cyclone Amphan Relief Efforts

Women and children in red light areas are without food, living in cage-like rooms with no window and no running water. We got our first help call, just three days into the coronavirus lockdown. We immediately distributed 5,000 cooked meals. You are safe. Pay it forward. Donate a big or small amount for one meal or a million meals.

We need to serve 1.1 million meals to the 2,500 families we serve in the red-light areas of Kolkata, Delhi and Bihar till May 15.

Lockdown and social distancing: 22 March – 15 May = 55 days
2500 families of four members each = 10,000 people
2 meals a day for 10,000 people = 20,000 meals a day
20,000 meals for 55 days = 110,000 i.e. 1.1 million meals.

So far, we have served 245,074 meals to 4,896 women and 6,098 children.

We need your help to continue. Donate.

Share our appeal with your networks.

Girl with ball

Priya and the Lost Girls is based on the life of journalist Ruchira Gupta, who stumbled upon rows of villages with missing girls, followed the trail to the brothels of India, and ended up establishing Apne Aap to challenge the sex-industry.

Priya’s story is told through the lens of both Ruchira’s and the experiences of Apne Aap survivors.

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