Food & Oxygen with Dignity

Our Covid crisis effort #1MillionMeals has been ensuring food, medicines, vaccinations & hospital referrals in the deadly India Covid-19 second wave.
For children we have found safe housing, computers and wi-fi.
As of November 15th, we will have provided support to 416,721 women and children in red-light areas, migrant slums and refugee camps with millions of Dignity Kits.

No. of meals: 12,439,674
No. of beneficiaries (women, children & men): 532,372
No. of kits: 123,206
No. of sanitary pads: 253,200






Apne Aap

Vulnerable women from red-light areas and slums face unique challenges:

  1. Many have no documents, so they are not eligible for government benefits like food rations or transit housing.
  2. They have no “official” employer who will look after them during the Covid-19 crisis.
  3. They are at higher risk of infection as many jobs—like stripping, escorting, and massage work—require in-person gatherings and physical intimacy
  4. Online porn use has gone up & they are being asked to provide their out of school children for sex videos.
Help us help them. Our food is a lifeline.