Demand Side: Cool Men Don’t Buy Sex Campaign

Demand Side: Cool Men Don’t Buy Sex

Without demand for purchased sex, traffickers, pimps, and brothel owners would be driven out of business. Therefore, while increasing the choices available to victims to reduce the industry’s “supply,” we are also working to reduce the demand. Traffickers are in jail because of cases filed by Apne Aap girls and women as they gain skills, self-confidence, and knowledge through the Ten Assets. Apne Aap’s work has lead to the Rampur red-light area shrinking from 72 brothels to 5, the Khawaspur red-light area from 17 to 1, the Munshiganj area from[ ]. We also push for policies that shift the burden of criminal punishment from the victims to the perpetrators, and by raising awareness to deter men from buying sex. Read more about Cool Men Don’t Buy Sex and our advocacy work here. Last year, our women, girls and supporters were able to successfully get a law to criminalize the process of trafficking for the first time in India. It is known as Section 370 of the I.P.C