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    Join our Cool Men Don’t Buy Sex campaign by tweeting and facebooking a selfie with #coolmendontbuysex and #apneaap on  Twitter and Facebook to spread the word about our stand against the purchase of sex.

    Like the Apne Aap page on Facebook. Make it your status for a day. Share it with your friends.


    Screen at your home, college, library, salon and public events. Bake cookies, cakes and sell our T-shirts saying Cool Men Don’t Buy Sex. Raise funds and donate on our paypal account.

    Order products made by our women, or our T-shirts. See photos here.

    Buy our books.

    Request a Speaker

    Our Founder, Ruchira Gupta, is available to speak at events and campuses. She is an Emmy-winning journalist and recipient of the Clinton Global Citizen award. She teaches a course on human trafficking at NYU. For more details click here.

    USA: /India:

    Join Our Campus Coalition (USA)

    Apne Aap is now seeking university Campus Coalition members who will stand with us in our fight against a world where women and children are bought and sold. Our student coalition members will assist Apne Aap by promoting our campaigns, raising awareness domestically on key international issues, and engaging students through film screenings.

    All interested candidates are requested to send a 200-word statement to, answering the following questions:

    • What does this issue mean to you or to your particular campus organization?
    • What local or global contribution do you feel your organization could make?
    • As a Campus Coalition member, how will you engage and educate your student body on these issues?


    • Organize a “Dine-in.” Ask your friends to a potluck dinner, where the money that they would have spent dining out is donated to Apne Aap instead.
    • Ask your school, church or office to sponsor a self-empowerment group. Just $300 creates, registers, nurtures and provides training to one self-empowerment group for one year.

    Volunteer in the US: Apne Aap International accepts volunteers for operations in its New York City office on a rolling basis. If you are interested in donating your time and skill set, contact

    Contact Information

    Email us at



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