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    1. How Hard Is It To Exit Prostitution?  by Juanita Kakoty, Thomas Reuters Foundation News, Aug 2017


    2. How open mics nights and feminist films are helping fight intergenerational prostitution in India , Marie Claire, UK, 2017


    3. Girls as young as five are sold into prostitution in Indiaby Sunita Sohrabjee, India West, May, 2017  


    4. Ruchira Gupta : The Icon we called kiddy by Subir Roy, Business Standard in Feb 2017


    5. Activist Ruchira Gupta Awarded Prestigious French Award, DNA, 2017


    6. Girls living in Red Light area compete for awards by Priyanka Dasgupta in The Times of India on Jan 12, 2017


    7. Nasty woman Ashley makes Sanitary napkins by Priyanka Dasgupta on Jan 16, 2017


    8. 5 celebs and one woman who knows them like no other in The Telegraph, March 2017


    9. This school in India saves girls as young as 12 from the family business: prostitution, Barbara Davidson, LA Times, 2016


    10. The India Caste where wives are forced into sex work, Al Jazeera, 2016


    11. How Jewellery is saving women , CNN, 2016


    12. India’s New Child Labor Act is “war on children” Says Noted Social Activist, by Sunita Sohrabjee, India West, August 18, 2016  


    13. Activists urge PM to-hold-public-consultation-over-Child Labour Law, DNA, 2016


    14. Love in the time of lust in India’s brothel by Priyanka Dasgupta in The Times of India on March 5, 2016


    15. What India cam learn from Bihar by Ruchira Gupta in The Telegraph  on June 22, 2016


    16. Women battle traditional practices of sex workSunday Guardian, 2016


    17. Prostitution a word that UN Women does not want to hear by Barbara Crossette in Pass Blue on March 31, 2015


    18. Police inaction hampers human trafficking crackdown in India, PBS, 2015


    19. What happens when the person forcing you into sexual slavery is your own mother , PBS, 2015


    20. Lucy Liu’s Directorial Debut on Human Trafficking, New York Times, 2014


    21. Apne Aap recognised at Lucy Liu’s Film Debut Meena, New York Times, 2014


    22. THE SELLING OF INNOCENTS, The Talk Show by Harper Simon, 2014 


    23. Inside India’s Perna Caste, where women are routinely prostituted by their In laws, Pacific Standar, 2013


    24. Whose sari Now? Sex workers design  for change , PTI, 2013


    25. Untold stories from Red Light District, Al Jazeera, 2013


    26. Survivors of Prostitution changed the Law in India, The Huffington Post, 2013


    27. Ashton has a job(s) by Mahua Das in The Telegraph in 2012


    28. Ashton Kutcher spends ime with NGO’s girls In International Business Times in 2012


    29.  Ashton Kutcher towers of girls in India  by Leah Simpson by Daily Mail, UK in Sept, 2012


    30. Apne Aap hosts a talk with Zoe Young and Sarah Thompson, home of Lela Goren, 2010


    31. Apne Aap hosts conversation with Ruchira Gupta and Gloria Steinem moderated by Pamela Shifman at home of Lela Goren


    32. Apne Aap: Ruchira Gupta wins Clinton Global Citizen Award, 2009


    33. 21st century slavery, New York Times, Nicholas Kristoff, 2009


    34. The 21st Century Slave Trade, New York Times, Nicholas Kristoff, 2007


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