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For Individuals

Want to better understand the issue? Use these resources for your own education and share with your friends:

Trafficking Business Model

Life Stages of Rural Girl

For other NGOs

Download this document on self-empowerment group best practices.


We have seen the Apne Aap approach create tangible change in India. Contact if you are interested in learning how your organization can adopt the approach.

For Law Enforcement

Confronting the Demand for Sex-Trafficking-A Handbook for Law Enforcement

This handbook is specifically designed for anyone working with law enforcement to combat sex trafficking by confronting the demand for prostituted women and children, especially girls. It hopes to provide tools to law-enforcement officials to increase conviction against traffickers, thereby making it harder for the sex-trafficking industry to operate.

Handbook for Law Enforcement Agencies in India by Dr.P.M Nair

Apne Aap Books and Publications

River of Flesh & Other Stories: The Prostituted Woman in Indian Short Fiction edited by Ruchira Gupta

River of Flesh and Other Stories brings together twenty-one stories about trafficked and prostituted women by some of India’s most celebrated writers

About The Book
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The Place Where We Live is Called A Red Light Area (Apne Aap project)

This documentation is an attempt to capture the feelings of the children who have gone through many unmentionable psychological and social ordeals either because they were trafficked or because their mothers were trafficked

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