Vision and Mission


Our vision is of a world where no girl or woman is bought or sold, where each girl or woman can realize her full potential

Our Theory of Change is inspired by the twin Gandhian principles of:

  • Ahimsa (non-violence): Resisting violence to the self and to the other
  • Antyodaya (upliftment of the last person): Antyodaya’s last person is the prostituted girl or woman

Our mission is to end sex trafficking 

We dismantle the system of prostitution by:

  • Increasing the choices before the weakest and most marginalized girls and women from red-light areas, including those trapped in intergenerational prostitution, and lower-caste communities. We offer them access to education, healthcare, livelihood skills, legal protection, citizenship documents, government subsidies and friendship circles.
  • Deterring the purchase of sex through policy and social change