Press Releases: Apne Aap Women Worldwide Celebrates National Girl’s Rights Day - Apne Aap Press Releases: Apne Aap Women Worldwide Celebrates National Girl’s Rights Day - Apne Aap

Press Releases: Apne Aap Women Worldwide Celebrates National Girl’s Rights Day

Apne Aap Women Worldwide Celebrates National Girl’s Rights Day

Najafgadh, Delhi, 24th January: Apne Aap Women Worldwide Celebrated National Girls Child Day today in their centers in Hasanpur and Dharampura in the Najafgadh district in the outskirts of Delhi. This daylong event was conducted with the young adolescent girls in both the centers to commemorate the importance of girls and their rights across the nation.

The Government declared January 24th as National Girl Child Day in order to recognize the difficulties special to girls, combat discrimination towards females, and empower young girls by teaching them necessary life skills and lessons. Apne Aap hosted a Girls Rights Day so that these vulnerable girls can understand and realize their innate rights and entitlements as a female.

The day’s activities consisted of a Nukkad Natak ( street play) put together by the girls which was centered on the theme of female Feoticide. The girls enacted a female feotus and what it feels to be murdered just because luck has it she was born a girl. The girls also took part in a drawing competition where they took up the theme of malnourishment. They drew pictures of how girls are more malnourished than boys in their societies as there is more importance given to a male child’s health and prosperity. This was followed by a session on the Rights of the Girl child presented by Manohar Rana, State Coordinator, Apne Aap. He gave a small lecture on the Right to Education for the girl child, the Right to Health, Legal Rights, and the Right Against Child Marriage.

After the day of activities was over, one of the girls, Kajal—a 16 year old girl from Dharampura—who participated in the event said, “I love the play on female feoticide because they showed us that even before the girl is born she was killed, demonstrating how our rights are taken away from us even before we are born. I really liked the session on Rights because I got to learn so much about Rights which I am entitled to and not aware of.”

Overall the entire day had a festive feel to it with all the girls very excited and motivated to stand up and celebrate a day that highlights and brings forward their rights. Apne Aap has many more activities lined up for the benefit of girls in all their centers in order to spread knowledge and awareness.



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