Field Updates: Health Camp at Sonagachi - Apne Aap Field Updates: Health Camp at Sonagachi - Apne Aap

Field Updates: Health Camp at Sonagachi

Apne Aap Women Worldwide (India) Trust Health Camp at Sonagachi

 Kolkata, 27th July, 2012, a free health check up camp, organized by Apne Aap Women Worldwide (India) Trust in collaboration with Calcutta Foundation and Parivar Seva Sanstha at Sonagachi (Abinash Kabiraji Street) with the help of a local club named “Lions Youth Club” for the women, who are in prostitution.

Dr. Sushmita Sen (Gynecologist) from Parivar Seva Sanstha, assisted at the health camp and interacted with 30 individual women aged within 20-45 years, in a friendly manner and treated them very carefully by keeping their confidentiality.

The doctor did the first check up of the women followed by free distribution of medicines from Calcutta Foundation. They distributed mostly ORS, Condoms, Citrezen, Paracetamol, Mala-D, Brufen, Vitamin capsules etc as medicine. They focused on reproductive health of women. They invited women in their Hatibagan clinic to obtain family planning orientation as well as free condoms for their usage. They also counseled women on sexual reproductive health and informed them about temporary method of contraception without medicine.


Parivar Seva Sanstha also cooperated by providing free medicines, to be distributed to those women residing at Munshigunj, Kidderpore area.

Lions Youth club Secretary Mr.Gour Biswas said, “We are immensely grateful to Apne Aap Women Worldwide for taking the initiative and helping the community women through their regular outreach and interactions with them. It is the first time an NGO has offered us with such a facility. It is difficult for the girls to go to hospitals, or to meet with a doctor by paying lump sum amount, so a camp here was the best solution, which was pending for a long time. We also hope that such camps will be organized frequently so that all the girls here get a chance for their check up.”

Rupali (name changed), sex worker of Sonagachi, said, “Health camps are always very useful and essential for us. Due to our professional needs we can’t step out. Today getting checkups done in our locality was definitely a good initiative from Apne Aap Women Worldwide

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