Press Release:Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher spotted at Delhi NGO - Apne Aap Press Release:Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher spotted at Delhi NGO - Apne Aap

Press Release:Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher spotted at Delhi NGO


New Delhi: ‘Two and A Half Men’ star Ashton Kutcher is in the national capital shooting for a biopic on late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. He was spotted spending some quality time with young girls from an NGO dealing with victims of sex trafficking.

The 34-year-old actor will play the lead in the independent movie, to be directed by Joshua Michael Stern, titled ‘Jobs’. ‘Jobs’ centers on the titular figure’s life from when he was a wayward hippie from Northern California until he became the co-founder of Apple.

“Met some powerful girls today in Delhi at Apne Aap: A grassroots movement to end sex trafficking,” Kutcher tweeted on Friday, giving the link to the NGO’s web address –

The biopic will be produced by Mark Hulme through his Five Star Institute banner. ‘Jobs’ is not the only Steve Jobs biopic which is currently in the works. Sony Pictures has also been developing an untitled Steve Jobs biopic, which will be based on an authorized biography by Walter Isaacson.

The rival project still hasn’t tapped its lead actor as well as screenwriter and helmer. Kutcher was last seen in Garry Marshall’s star-studded romantic comedy, ‘New Year’s Eve’. Though he is famously known for his stints in comedy films, the Iowa-born actor also earned strong notices for his performances in such dramas as ‘Spread’, ‘The Butterfly Effect’ and ‘Bobby’.

He was also seen shooting near the Jama Masijid in the Walled City. He tweeted this photo of him with the girls of the NGO.

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