Empowering from within will bring true societal change

The Sunday Guardian

Q: You started Apne Aap Women Worldwide as an initiative to end sex trafficking in the country and elsewhere, and as a movement to empower women caught in the sex trade with an awareness of their rights. How has the movement and the organisation evolved since its birth?

A: Already in the 11 years that Apne Aap has been working, I can see a change in the organization as a whole and in the anti-trafficking movement more broadly. Apne Aap has also experienced significant growth since its inception. Since 2002, we have formed 150 self-empowerment groups in brothels, red light districts, slums, and villages. Through this work, we have developed a community-centered solution to end sex trafficking and have helped to transform the most marginalized girls and women into leaders within their communities. Continue Reading.