Exclusion, Deprivation, and Discrimination


Date/ Time: 10th February 2014, 3:30
Place : Apne Aap Women Worldwide office, India International Centre (IIC), 40 Max Muller Marg, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi-110003

Event Description : ‘Exclusion, Deprivation & Discrimination : Field realities from denotified tries’ a talk by Swati Chakraborty.

The De-notified tribes of India are still excluded, highly deprived and suffer discrimination by the system and the society. Though Government of India denotified this communities way back in 1952, still discrimination and marginalization of these communities at the hand of society and administration continues. Children are not allowed to join school; discriminated during the mid day meal; men are picked up randomly by the police on false charges and beaten up; families are harassed by the police personnel for extorting money and girls are kept as bonded sexual labour. The ongoing study on the educational status of de-notified Tribes by Apne Aap Women  Worldwide in the states of Delhi, Rajasthan , Odisha, Jharkhand , Bihar and West Bengal clearly shows that these communities are still treated as outsiders by  society and discriminated and victimized by  authorities. suspicion and traditional stereotyping (as criminal) is still a standard yardstick with which these communities are looked at. This is due to both conventional belief as well as ignorance about them among the authorities as well as the general public. Continue Reading.