A Report on International Women’s day celebration - Apne Aap A Report on International Women’s day celebration - Apne Aap

A Report on International Women’s day celebration

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, Delhi chapter of Apne aap women worldwide on 8th march took out a mass rally in Dharampura and PremNagar. The participants were the girls of the Perna, Sapera and Singhi community in Dharampura and of Perna community in PremNagar. The girls participated in the rally in full swing and shouted slogans like “Dahej pratha ki hahakaar, bandd karo yeh atyachaar”, “Agyanta ki diwaar todo, ladkiyon ko padao”,  “ladkiyon se hi toh sansaar hai, ladkiyan na ho toh sab bekaar hai toh Kyun hota hai ladkiyon ke saath atyachaar”  etc.  at the top of their voice.

Also, previous couple of days were dedicated to the workshop which was meant to make preparation for the event on 8th march and where the girls were seen creating the slogans for the rally, writing it on the chart papers and making placards all by themselves.

The rally attract a lot of attention of the general masses also as it started from the centre at Roshanpura and went all the route till the community in dharampura and returning back to the centre. Same was in the case of Premnagar where the rally was taken out in the community.

Post rally there was a discussion on the general issues people of the community have in Dharampura as many of them were not enrolled in any group of apneaap and most of them also wanted to learn applique and IGP activities running in the centre. Also, in PremNagar the discussion was held on the dropped out kids in the community so as to work on the learning component of ApneAapn in the community.

The rally along with the post rally discussion end with a three cheers to the womanhood and a refreshment.



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